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We live in Sarasota, Florida and for many of us who are residents of Kensington Park, we are like Dorothy from the movie "The Wizard of Oz" who clicked the heels of her red sequined shoes together and said "There's no place like home."

Kensington Park is a community established in the late 1950's.  The concept was to create a totally functional family environment to meet social and also safety needs.  Once situated in an area of farm county, through the years and development of the surrounding land, the Park has gone through a gradual metamorphosis.   It is now a residential area which has access to shopping areas, other housing developments, churches and also a baseball sports complex which is Sarasota's spring training camp for the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles will play at the newly renovated Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota.

Kensington Park has a total of 1130 single family homes and its development is located at the northeast area of the city of Sarasota, and is under the jurisdiction of the County of Sarasota.   Twelve miles from the Gulf of Mexico beaches at an elevation of approximately twenty-one feet above sea level, Kensington Park offers a wholesome environment for a bustling family.

Sarasota is a widely diversified city with many cultural events.  John Ringling, from the Ringling Brothers Circus, brought to our city a part of his cultural wealth.  Many of his possessions and treasures that he acquired during his world travels still can be seen in his home known as "The Ringling Museum."  An accredited School of Art which is in close distance to his home has been named in his honor as "The Ringling School of Art."  Many artist reside in the surrounding areas to offer their special talents in public arts and crafts shows.  The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, The Asolo Theatre Company, Mote Marine, Marie Selby Gardens  and many more cultural and educational facilities can all be found in Sarasota.

Please take a moment to read the two additional sections of this web site.  "Our Community" and "The Beginning of Kensington Park".  They will  paint the whole picture.

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